Playing In the Sand – How Therapy Works

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Sometimes during a meeting with a client I bring out a big box of sand and ask my clients to use little miniature-sized objects (like little plastic people, cars, rocks trees, etc.) to construct a physical representation of what is on their mind. Why would I have grown professionals spend valuable therapy time playing in the sand? Here’s why… Your … Read More

The Productivity of Low-Hanging Fruit

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If productivity was a super-food smoothie, mine would be made entirely of low-hanging fruit (LHF). It’s not that all the juicer tasks are completed once I’ve cleared out the LHF, it’s more like…if the task is something other than an LHF (like learning how to use an ellipsis correctly), it shall permanently reside on the long-term task list. Now, task … Read More

Superheroes meditate…(Now will you do it?)

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The internet searches have been completed, and the results confirm that every major superhero (and most super-villains) can be found doing some sort of meditation. Wonder Women meditates, Superman meditates, most X-men & Magneto meditate, Yoda & other Jedi meditate and I’m pretty sure Darth Vader was sporting some serious lotus pose just prior to the opening of that big … Read More

The Paleo Mind

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The “paleo” fad is one that takes us back to our roots…way back. Those who are following a paleo lifestyle often endorse taking on the eating habits similar to our caveman ancestors. The idea is that a diet containing food items that were available to our paleolithic relatives (e.g., vegetables, nuts, fruits, fish) is a diet that makes us healthier … Read More

Surviving Unemployment by Living to Work

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I often joke that I am on career number 17. Although the actual number is much lower, there has certainly been enough to suggest that I have been in a perpetual state of “looking for work.” Why so many careers? It seems that I have always thought, “what you do matters.” However, I have come to believe that it is true that “what you do matters,” but … Read More