Making Self-Care a Habit Can Promote Better Mental Health

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by guest blogger, Brad Krause You may already know the importance of self-care, but are you taking time to really put that knowledge to use? Self-care is a necessary tool in maintaining your mental health and can help you stay strong during difficult times, such as recovering from addiction. Want to know more? Here are five meaningful methods to incorporate … Read More

A note from Cheryl, RN

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This Fall 2016 semester, I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl Gordon-Zupancic, RN. Cheryl is a very experienced and talented nurse who is presently in school to become a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner like me. I asked her if she would like to write a guest blog post on some of the things that she has learned during … Read More

The horrible branding of psychiatric medication

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Can I offer you a Kleenex®? Or perhaps a Q-tips®? Have you ever “Googled” for the nearest coffee shop because you needed a Starbucks®? Sometimes a product’s brand can become so pervasive that the branded name can actually replace the more generic term (i.e., tissue, cotton swab, internet search, coffee). Unfortunately, we have the opposite problem in psychiatry. That is, … Read More

Playing In the Sand – How Therapy Works

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Sometimes during a meeting with a client I bring out a big box of sand and ask my clients to use little miniature-sized objects (like little plastic people, cars, rocks trees, etc.) to construct a physical representation of what is on their mind. Why would I have grown professionals spend valuable therapy time playing in the sand? Here’s why… Your … Read More

Dr. Phil Discusses Pharmacogenomics

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I don’t watch Dr. Phil. And, to be honest, there was a point that I thought his show had spun off both Friday Night Lights and Walker, Texas Ranger. However wrong I may have been, I do think it is pretty cool that pharmacogenetic tests are getting some much-deserved air time:

A Journaling Habit

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As I start listing recommendations and ideas to incorporate into a new client’s treatment plan, I usually get some sort of non-verbal cue that they and I are on the same page. That is until I get to the part where I say that I want them to start journaling on a regular basis. At this point the client’s eyes … Read More

Pharmacogenomics – The Mental Health Genetic Tests

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If you have recently had an appointment with me you have probably heard something about a new trend in the mental health field: the use of pharmacogenomics. Pharmacogenomics is the study of how a person’s genes affect their response to medications, and this trend has resulted in the creation of several lab tests which targets those genes most relevant to … Read More

Superheroes meditate…(Now will you do it?)

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The internet searches have been completed, and the results confirm that every major superhero (and most super-villains) can be found doing some sort of meditation. Wonder Women meditates, Superman meditates, most X-men & Magneto meditate, Yoda & other Jedi meditate and I’m pretty sure Darth Vader was sporting some serious lotus pose just prior to the opening of that big … Read More

5 Reasons Your Antidepressant Is Not Working

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Antidepressant | Reboot Science

Are you close to flushing your antidepressant down the toilet? Have you been taking an antidepressant for weeks but feel that it is not working? In a 2011 Data Brief the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed antidepressants as the most frequently used prescription medication among those aged 18-44. Despite their popularity in prescription, many who have started … Read More