ADHD Sucks! – but you can do something about it

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ADHD sucks! Sometimes I wish I had cancer or a broken leg! They never truly mean it. The occasional client that says something like this is absolutely not trying to diminish the experience of those suffering from other conditions, nor are they trying to imply that living with ADHD is more difficult or challenging than battling cancer or recovering from … Read More

ADHD – A Disorder of Executive Functions

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Although ADHD is considered by many experts to be a disorder of our brain’s “executive functions,” this newer understanding of ADHD is not referenced in our own psychiatric manual of diagnosis, the DSM-5. When the American Psychiatric Association published the DSM-5 in 2013, it was met with some pretty heated controversy. I, however, do not mind the DSM controversy at all as it highlights some … Read More

ADHD Drug Holidays

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“I don’t take my medication over the weekend.” “We are taking the Summer off.” “I’m not in school over Winter break, so I save up my medication for when I really need it.” ADHD drug holidays (i.e., the purposeful discontinuation of stimulant medication over weekends or school breaks) can take many forms, and the reasons ADHD patients provide for taking … Read More

Treating Insomnia is Treating ADHD

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A bad night of sleep can mean a bad day at school or work, especially for one who suffers from ADHD. There are many behavioral, prescriptive and over-the-counter remedies to treat difficulties with falling or staying asleep. A holistic approach to ADHD treatment will often include one or several of these methods to make sure you are getting a good … Read More

I Always Want to Be Where I’m Not – ADHD Book Review

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An ADHD Book Review My new favorite ADHD book, I Always Want To Be Where I’m Not: Successful Living With ADD & ADHD by Dr. Wes Crenshaw, reads as though the author split open the heads of those with ADHD and took to the halves with a juicer to extract every detail of what it is like to live, love … Read More